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Aswang Tribe is a collection of 3333 utility-infused NFTs inspired by Filipino mythology.This vastly diverse set of profile picture art gives you access to a one-of-a-kind digital collectible ecosystem that features Day 1 Staking, Day 1 Breeding, and one of the most wildly creative communities in web3.

Each Aswang is designed to gain "Prayer Levels" the longer you stake. The highest Prayer Level can only be earned by staking for 333 years - a true test of the potential of blockchain tech that puts the spotlight on one of its most overlooked use cases: cultural preservation.

This collection contains 1111 Tikbalang (Badass Horses), 1111 Siyokoy (Chad Fish Guys), and 1111 Duwende (QT Mushrooms) that will eventually be joined by 3333 Manananggal (Demon E-girls).

Find the Aswang that speaks to your soul. Join the Tribe. !pray

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!PRAY = STAKE. Once its traits are revealed, you can immediately command your Aswang to !pray - this will allow your NFT to produce an ERC-20 utility token called $DUGO. NFTs from the Tikbalang, Siyokoy, and Duwende Clans will produce 5 $DUGO tokens every 24 hours.

SUMMON = BREED. Burning 900 $DUGO tokens while an Aswang is !praying inside your wallet allows you to summon an Aswang from the fourth clan: The Manananggal. Manananggal NFTs can also !pray and will produce 2 $DUGO tokens every 24 hours. You only need ONE Aswang from ANY clan to summon a Manananggal.

$DUGO has no intrinsic monetary value and is used solely to gamify the art collecting experience within the Aswang Tribe ecosystem.


As your Aswang !prays, it will gain Prayer Levels. Prayer Levels dynamically change the background of your NFT by giving your Aswang a halo. If an Aswang !prays for 30 days, it will reach Prayer Level 1, and a Level 1 halo will appear in the background of the NFT. The longer an Aswang !prays, the higher the prayer level, and the rarer the halo.

There are 7 Prayer Levels that an Aswang can earn, and 7 corresponding background halos to be discovered. The highest Prayer Level can only be unlocked by !praying for 333 Years. If the promises of blockchain technology prove true, you will be long dead as your Aswang continues to evolve.

Good things come to those who !pray

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Four Elements. Four Temperaments. Four Aswang Clans.

The diverse art of Aswang Tribe is designed not only to reflect the vast breadth of Filipino mythology, but is also crafted to be truly inclusive and to have a wide crosscultural appeal. There is an Aswang for every taste and personality type.

The four Aswang Clans also play a central role in the Clan War - a dynamic community-crafted role-playing experience that begins in the Aswang Tribe discord, extends into twitter, and is slowly expanding towards both IRL spaces and the Metaverse.


Aswang Tribe values the role of creatives as the vanguards, stewards, and guardians of culture. In line with this, all creatives are encouraged to submit proposals for any artistic project that aligns with the Tribe’s core values to the Aswang Art Grant

The Aswang Art Grant aims to support talent and encourage creativity, originality, and innovation via a series of open calls. The first open call for projects will be on June 22, 2022.

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Aswang - Founding Artist

Creator and illustrator of the Aswang Collection - the first local Filipino art project to pass 100+ ETH trading volume and be verified on OpenSea. From the beginning of Aswang’s journey into the world of crypto art, their goal has consistently been the preservation of Filipino culture via the blockchain. Aswang provides the vision and art for Aswang Tribe.

LIZ - Head of Community Affairs

A savant at creating innovative community engagement strategies. Liz invented Aswang Tribe’s clan system and continues to craft new, innovative ways to foster camaraderie and good vibes among the degens that call Aswang Tribe home.

DELICIOUSMANGOEZ - Head of Marketing

A veteran moderator for many blue-chip NFT projects. Mangoez established and continues to nurture the many project partnerships and collaborations for Aswang Tribe.

Building the future of Web3 through augMINTING NFTs. Specializing in: Smart-contract consultation, P2E gaming, Web3 Development, NFT maintenance / management. The dev team behind Ethereals, NoxcScape, and Kaiju Kingz.
Staking your Aswang is called “!praying”. The Aswang Tribe smart contract features a unique design that allows your Aswang to !pray without leaving your wallet. Aswang that are !praying generate $DUGO utility tokens every 24 hours. You can claim these tokens in the Prayer Dashboard of the Aswang Tribe website.

While your Aswang is !praying, they cannot be moved from their current location. You can command your Aswang to stop !praying at any time by using the Prayer Dashboard.
Breeding an Aswang is called “summoning”. You can summon a Manananggal by burning 900 $DUGO tokens while an Aswang is !praying inside your wallet. You only need ONE Aswang from any clan to summon a Manananggal.

Upon summoning, you will receive a Manananggal Egg with unrevealed traits. You may hatch this egg in the Prayer Dashboard at any time to discover what lies within. Manananggal can also !pray for $DUGO tokens and summon another Manananggal.
Tikbalang, Siyokoy, and Duwende create 5 $DUGO utility tokens every 24 hours. Manananggal create 2 $DUGO utility tokens every 24 hours.

Every 180 days, these emission rates will cut in half until the supply limit of 10 Million $DUGO tokens is reached.

2 Million $DUGO tokens are held in reserve in the Aswang Tribe project wallet for use as prizes in contests and events. $DUGO has no intrinsic monetary value and is used solely to gamify the art collecting experience within the Aswang Tribe ecosystem.

"Dugo" is the Filipino word for "blood".

You can only get a Tikbalang, Siyokoy, or Duwende on mint day. In order to get a Manananggal, you need to burin 900 $DUGO tokens while at least 1 Aswang is ! praying inside your wallet.

Only 3333 Manananggal can be summoned. Meaning the grand total of all Aswang from the 4 clans in the collection will be 6666.
A total of 69 Aswang will be kept in the Aswang Tribe project wallet for use in marketing and promotions.
0.10 ETH
JUNE 10 @ 12:00pm EST
Start of Whitelist Mint (48 hour window)

JUNE 12 @ 12:00pm EST
Start of Waitlist Mint (24 hour window)

JUNE 13 @ 12:00pm EST
Start of Public Mint

JUNE 16 @ 12:00pm EST
Start of Reveal. !praying and summoning functions are unlocked.